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Why Thieves Are Trying to Steal Your Catalytic Converter Right Now. Start with total boredom and staggering unemployment, mix in tempting metal prices, and top off with slack law enforcement. The resulting cocktail served across the country is the sawed-off catalytic converter. Just a couple of weeks ago, a client of mine while chilling in her car in a petrol station ,heard noises below her car. Only for her to step out and find a guy trying to steal the catalytic converter from the car. What is a catalytic converter? The catalytic converter is a major component responsible for reducing emissions. At the front half of the cat is a reduction catalyst which uses platinum and rhodium to remove NOx emissions. In the second half, the cat burns carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. But cats won’t scavenge this stuff until they reach operating temperature. So automakers mount them as close to the exhaust manifold as possible to capture engine heat quickly. Catalytic converters are on high demand in the black market due to the spike in the rare earth metal they have; Platinum and Rhodium, As a car owner , you should be very careful where you park your vehicle and the garage you take your vehicle. Most thefts are been carried out by rogue mechanics. Replacing a catalytic converter isn’t cheap , for instance a Toyota Rav 4 goes for around sh50000. Next time you visit a garage or your parking your car , exercise caution.