You may have heard the news that Michelin is working on designs for an airless tyre if not, it is good you know now. The possibility of never having to change a flat is tantalizing, but the concept is still several years away. Until then, we have run flat tyres (SSR). So, what are they and how do they work?Run flat tyres are so named because they can be driven even if they’re punctured. They achieve this through the use of reinforced rubber that prevents the tyre from collapsing upon a sudden loss of pressure. Some of the advantages of this tyres include; you don’t have to pull over and change the tyre straight away, you don’t have to change a tyre on the side of the road, the toughened nature of run flats lends the car greater stability incase of puncture.Note: You cannot mix and match normal tyres with run flats on your car. Feel free to ask any query you may have about tyres#MotogariSimplified#Knowyourcar#tyreweek#Runflattyres